How Effective is the Mediterranean Diet Plan?

  The Mediterranean diet plan consists of plant foods, fruits as the daily dessert, olive oil as the main source of fat, dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, including fish and poultry which you eat in low to reasonable amounts, 4 eggs every week, low amounts of red meat, and low amounts of wine is exceptional. The total fat in this diet amounts to 25% - 35% of calories, and the saturated fats are only 8% or less.

This dieting plan will require you to consume a lot of olive oil, legumes, and organic cereals, including fresh fruit, vegetables, and a reasonable amount of dairy products. And as a source of protein you should switch to eating more fish and less meat products since they contain high calories, and once in a while you can enjoy a glass of wine as long as you don't get carried away.

The Mediterranean dieting plan is definitely one of the best plans you can try out as any committed dieter will tell you. A lot of people who follow this diet find it very easy since this plan is a far less restrictive compared to other weight and dieting plans, and I know you was shocked when you saw that wine is included, well it's be expected since no other diet plan encourages wine.

According to medical experts, nutritionists and dieters, they all agree that the Mediterranean diet plan is perfect if your goal is to achieve a good healthy weight loss, if you commit and follow this plan correctly it will keep the level of your blood pressure low and also reduce health risk such as heart disease. However this diet plan is more effective towards people who aren't suffering from sever obesity.

Like I mentioned before, this diet plan includes fruit and lots of vegetables since it involves eating a lot of vegetarian dishes cooked with fresh ingredients, even though you can eat a little beef or pork it's recommended to eat more fish. This diet is considered to be very healthy because it has lots of fruit and vegetables. Which outweighs the high calorie food, as long as you keep it balanced you can enjoy a bit of everything.

The Mediterranean diet includes olive oil, which is known as the one of best sources of phenolic compounds, which can help lower your cholesterol and it reduces the development of bad health risk such as cancer. Olive oil is a great component for replacing animal fat with unprocessed vegetable fat. However olive oil isn't the only source of phenolic compounds.

You can find phenolic compounds in berries, prunes, red grapes, kiwi fruit, currants, apples, and tomatoes. Earlier I mentioned that wine was acceptable but if you're not comfortable with drinking alcohol you can drink red grape juice instead. And one thing you should keep in mind towards this dieting plan is that it will take a very long time to actually prepare the dietary meals.

Since you have to prepare every meal with fresh ingredients, if you've been to the Mediterranean, you'll see that people only cook with fresh ingredients, they don't use frozen food. One of the factors why people in the Mediterranean are healthy isn't only because of the food, but rather how they eat it. Well, most people in the Mediterranean eat their meals during a long relaxing midday break.

Rather than stuffing your face with frozen food during a lunch hour break and at the same time you're trying to make it in time for ten appointments. You should try going more organic with fresh food because it will go a long way to reduce your stress level and help keep your heart healthy. So you would be doing a lot less of stress-induced eating which a lot of people typically do.

The Asian diet is a natural diet known for its healing as well as its metabolism boosting properties. Because of the metabolism boosters that are found naturally in this rice-based diet, the Asian diet is being utilized today as a weight loss solution. The traditional diet of Asia has the ability to cause rapid permanent fat loss and even reverse certain serious illnesses. It reflects the traditional plant-based diets of Asia, which remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Scientific studies reveal that when compared to cases found in the United States, the traditional Asian diet pyramid is linked to a much lower incident of heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, osteoporosis and other chronic degenerative diseases.

The Asian food pyramid is essentially rice-based. They use a variety of rice products which includes noodles. The Asian diet varies from one region to another, but one thing that can be said about this Asian weight loss meal plan is that it makes use of minimally processed ingredients. They include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains (especially rice), roots, seeds and nuts. A common misconception about this diet pyramid plan is that most people think it's a vegetarian diet. Although the diet does not emphasize meat and fish, they are occasionally included as side dish or garnishments.

Asian and Mediterranean Diet Plans Compared

The nutrient compositions of both Asian and Mediterranean diet pyramids are almost the same. Both are primarily plant food based that make use of meat very sparingly. However, the Asian food pyramid has a significantly lower total fat compared to the Mediterranean diet plan. This observation tends to favor the Asian diet pyramid plan as the more healthful of the two.

Absence of Dairy Products

With the exception of India, dairy products are almost entirely absent in the diets of Asia. Westerners highly regard dairy products for their high calcium content, yet in Asia where milk and other dairy products are hardly consumed the incidence of osteoporosis is almost nil. The thing that's ironic here is that Western countries, who take their calcium largely from dairy products, have a significantly higher incident of osteoporosis.

A Fast Fat Burning Diet

Easy Asian diet plans have recently caught the attention of fitness experts and dieters alike because of its fat burning properties. The Asian diet's natural metabolism boosters serve to accelerate fat loss, thereby helping you attain your ideal weight in a relatively short period of time.

Another attribute of the Asian weight loss meal plan is its ability to control overeating. Our body's hunger mechanism is governed by our need for nutrients. The less nutritious your diet, the more you crave for food. Conversely, when you focus on the nutrient rich traditional Asian foods it's very unlikely you'll have overeating problems.

More and more people today have become health buffs because of the fact that it is the best way to prevent diseases. One way to achieve better health is actually following a proven diet plan. A plan that you can see yourself following for a long period of time. It is best that you choose a diet whereby you will enjoy the foods included in it.

One of the diet programs that is gaining in popularity today is the Mediterranean diet plan, for the reason that it is simply one of the best diets you can lay your hands on. Many people actually view it as a way of eating and not a diet Many people in the Mediterranean region have been using it for quite some time and have enjoyed its numerous health benefits, which include having a healthy heart and maintaining good physical fitness.

This way of eating is oftentimes recommended to people who either want to lose weight, or simply want to gain better health. Aside from that, people who have certain types of ailments are also advised to follow the Mediterranean diet plan.

If you do your research about the Mediterranean diet plan, you will find out that dietitians and nutritionists agree that such a program does provide many advantages and health benefits.

A lot of people are now getting curious about this type of diet plan. Thus, it is best to dig a bit deeper into it, so that you too will know why such a way of eating is now being followed by a lot of people in countries around the world.

When you take a look at the number of Mediterranean diet recipes, you will be able to see that most of them will not contain red meat. Instead, the protein source that is primarily used in the Mediterranean diet plan is fish or other types of seafood, which is actually the healthier choice, especially since they contain Omega 3 fatty acids. Aside from that, you will also realize that in following this kind of diet plan, you will also be consuming more fruits, vegetables and grains as well as cereals. Additionally, the increased consumption of fruit will increase your good cholesterol.

This goes to show that the diet plan followed in the Mediterranean region is nutritious and contains a much reduced amount of cholesterol. Not only will these meals promote weight loss, but this kind of diet program will also ensure that you will be living with a much healthier heart.

When you eat an abundant amount of fruits and vegetables, you will actually be providing your body with a substantial amount of vitamins and minerals. On top of that, they are also filled with dietary fiber, which will aid not just in suppressing your appetite, but also in ridding your body of toxins.

Now is definitely the time to try out the Mediterranean diet plan, so that you will be able to enjoy its health benefits, aside from the fact that the Mediterranean diet recipes are tasty and easy to prepare.


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